Orientationor0|90|180|270Rotates the image.
Flipfliph|vFlip the image.
Cropcrop100,100,50,50Crop the image (width, height, X, Y)
Widthwe.g. 200Sets the width of the image, in pixels.
Heighthe.g. 100Sets the height of the image, in pixels.
Fitfitcontain|max|fill|stretch|cropSets how the image is fitted to its target dimensions.
Device Pixel Ratiodpre.g. 2Multiples the overall image size.
Brightnessbri-100 to +100Adjusts the image brightness.
Contrastcon-100 to +100Adjusts the image contrast.
Gammagam0.1 to 9.99Adjusts the image gamma.
Sharpensharp0 to 100Sharpen the image.
Blurblur0 to 100Adds a blur effect to the image.
Pixelatepixel0 to 1000Applies a pixelation effect to the image.
Filterfiltgreyscale|sepiaApplies a pixelation effect to the image.
Backgroundbge.g. FFFFFFSets the background color of the image.
Borderborderwidth,color,(overlay|shrink|expand)Add a border to the image.
Qualityq0 to 100 (default 90)Defines the quality of the image.
Formatfmjpg|pjpg|png|gif|webp (default jpg)Encodes the image to a specific format.